The North East Zone Welfare Development Society (NEZWDS), Non-Governmental Organization that came into existence in 2001, dedicated to the cast of social justice and socio-economic development of rural masses in the remote areas of North East. The North East Zone Welfare Development Society( NEZWDS) has created an impact in the people of remote area to participate in progressing rural India as envisaged by the father of nation Mahatma Gandhi ji , North East zone Welfare Development Society believes in participation in its various activities and programmes , during the last thirteen years of its existence it has been making various fruitful efforts for making the rural masses self reliant through income generating activities, thus bringing the socio economic transformation.

    • To work for all the development of rural and remote areas.
    • To empower rural woman and women’s participation in the decision making programme.
    • To generate awareness among the rural masses and various aspects i.e. education, health and hygiene mother and child care.
    • To work for promotion and development of livestock.
    • To work for organizing rural youth and motivate them for self-employment in different trades, improve agricultural method for farming.
    • To work for awareness of Health and Family welfare Development programmes of Govt. promotion of indigenous system of medicine and treatment.
    • To keep networking with various Government and non-Governmental agencies and socio economic development as well as health care support.
    The main thrust of North East Zone Welfare Development Society is to develop the backward rural areas and women’s empowerment.



    More than Six hundred groups of S.H.G.s have been formed till date.


    Awareness program conducted on environment and pollution control.


    Awareness program related to various income generating activities.


    NEZWDS believes in the equality and justice of all human beings irrespective of caste, creed, class and gender. Our slogan is helping people to help themselves.

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    It is a people-oriented Civil Society which has been championing the cause of the Minority and other vulnerable sections of the society with a prime focus on women and children.

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    National Bank For Agriculture & Rural Development (NABARD).

    Assam Agriculture Department (Govt. of Assam)

    Assam Science Technology and Environment Council.

    Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India.


    Many programmes has been implemented by this society in the remote areas of Assam and as well as in North East states. The success of this type of programmes in this organization is overwhelming the support of the people of grass root level in the operation area. This society has given many benefits to the people living below poverty line in the district of Dhubri, Goalpara, Kamrup and West Garo Hills.